The Center for Liberal Arts and Sciences Pedagogy
The Center for Liberal Arts and Sciences Pedagogy (CLASP), a project of the Bard College Institute for Writing & Thinking, works with faculty and institutions in the Open Society University Network (OSUN) and the Bard International network to promote student-centered teaching methods, writing-based teaching, and experiential learning.

What We Do

  • Support faculty across OSUN partner institutions in best practices of liberal arts pedagogies through in-person and online professional development workshops focused on student-centered, inquiry-driven, writing-rich pedagogies. 
  • Develop and sustain a network of CLASP fellows made up of faculty across disciplines and institutions who offer pedagogical support and collaborate with other fellows across the network to develop new professional development blended workshops specific to the innovative curricular demands of OSUN.
  • Contribute new research in the field of liberal arts pedagogy through projects in course design and the study of teaching methods.
  • Translate signature writing-based teaching practices from the Institute for Writing and Thinking into a blended format, modeling ways that faculty can utilize these practices to meaningfully engage students across contexts.
  • Offer an online space for faculty to collaborate on assignment design and teaching strategies and share pedagogical resources and research. 
  • Study the impact liberal arts and sciences pedagogies have on student learning and success.
  • Translate materials into other languages for wider use at campuses where instruction does not take place in English.
OSUN Connected and Blended Learning Toolkit

OSUN Connected and Blended Learning Toolkit

Placing Liberal Arts Pedagogies Front and Center
The OSUN Connected and Blended Learning Toolkit, developed by the Center for Learning in Practice (CLiP) at the Carey Institute for Global Good in collaboration with the Open Society University Network and Bard College, is a living document that is open and accessible to faculty across the network, offering support for connected and blended course development.