On-Site Workshops

Changing the role of writing in schools and colleges also means changing how teachers work together. IWT goes on site with teachers and administrators to develop intellectually engaging ways to re-think writing across the curriculum and catalyze engagement in change. To arrange an on-site workshop for teachers at your school, click here for more information, call IWT Director Peg Peoples at 845-758-7432 or e-mail peoples@bard.edu.

The on-site workshops offered most frequently are Writing and Thinking, Writing to Learn, or Teaching the Academic Paper but we will work with schools and departments to tailor workshops to meet the needs of teachers in that school or district. IWT associates will lead workshops on site. Associates are selected to lead an on-site workshop based on their availability and experience with the workshop being offered.

IWT is especially interested in collaborating with teachers and administrators to explore ways that writing and thinking workshops can address the concerns of teachers in content-specific courses, e.g., the workshop on Writing to Think Historically could be adapted to help social studies teachers with specific concerns about how to help students read and response to primary documents. Similarly, a workshop in Writing to Learn Math, which focuses on ways to use writing in the mathematics classroom, might also help students with the writing required on the Regents (in CA and NY) exam.

Click IWT On-Site to view and download a PDF containing information on how to bring IWT to your school.

How to Arrange and Plan for On-Site

The typical on-site workshop is from one to three days in length. For an interdisciplinary group of teachers who have not participated in previous writing workshops, the best option is a day and a half workshop, which allows teachers to first become familiar, in the first half day, with a range of writing to learn practices before applying these practices to teaching materials drawn from their disciplines. Read More


Building strong teaching communities is central to the Institute’s mission. Ideally, IWT develops a relationship with an on-site institution over time, so that teachers may continue to develop how to put into practice what they learn from successive workshops. Click below to read what teachers have said regarding IWT workshops at their schools. Read More

On-Site at Colleges

IWT has been invited by over 215 colleges and universities to present one-day to weeklong workshops at their schools. Schools have included:

  • Al-Quds University (Jerusalem)
  • Alfred University (New York)
  • The American University of Central Asia (Kyrgyzstan)
  • Bennington College (Vermont)
  • Bentley College (Massachusetts)

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On-Site at Middle and High Schools

IWT has been invited by over 400 urban and suburban public and independent middle and high schools to present workshops at their schools. Schools have included:

  • Ardsley School District (New York)
  • Asheville School (North Carolina)
  • Bard High School Early College-Manhattan, Queens, and Newark (New York and New Jersey)
  • Birch Wathen Lenox School (New York)

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