Writing Retreat for Teachers



This workshop is offered in response to requests from teachers who would like to give time to their own writing within a congenial community. Working independently, with partners, or in writing groups, on fiction, nonfiction, or poetry, participants have an opportunity to write, read, and reflect in beautiful surroundings. Anyone who would like to generate [...]

Inquiry into Essay

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This workshop is designed for teachers who are familiar with the invention strategies introduced in “Writing and Thinking” or “Writing to Learn” (or in similar workshops elsewhere) and who want to concentrate on helping students write essays. More than other IWT workshops, “Inquiry into Essay” focuses on the analytic essay as a finished product, emphasizing [...]

Writing and Thinking through Technology

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Writing and Thinking through Technology This version of the weeklong Writing and Thinking workshop invites participants to immerse themselves in IWT’s basic writing practices, reflect on their own experiences as teachers, and consider the impact that technology now undeniably has on the way we conceive and use writing both inside and outside the classroom. This [...]