Project Description

Click titles below for detailed descriptions of the one-day, weekend, and weeklong workshops scheduled this year. For information on this year’s conference, which includes workshop sessions and a plenary, click here.

November: Writer As Reader

  • Writer as Reader workshops focus on pairings of texts from a variety of genres and demonstrate IWT practices that show rather than tell how writing identifies texts’ multiple meanings. Read More

March: Curriculum Conversation

  • 2009 initiated what will be a series of Curriculum Conversations: One-day workshops exploring cross-disciplinary approaches to teaching canonical texts through writing to learn practices. Read More

July Weeklong

  • July workshops offer a retreat in which to learn new writing practices, read diverse texts, talk with teachers from across the country, and find time for rest and reflection on the Bard campus. Read More

Graduate Credit

Through Bard’s Master of Arts in Teaching Program, workshop participants may earn one graduate credit for each weekend workshop and two graduate credits for each weeklong workshop; in either case, participants must, in addition to completing the workshop, write and submit a detailed report and a lesson plan on using writing in the classroom. Click for more information.