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Project Description

Teaching the Academic Paper

While we can all recognize good academic writing, especially in our own disciplines, it is more difficult to establish reasonable and professionally-responsible standards for students’ academic papers. This workshop helps to bridge that gap. This workshop explores what we value in academic writing, re-examines how we define it, and offers writing to learn methods for teaching students how to use sources, pose key questions, and make mindful connections to the topic or text. The workshop consists of reading a range of academic papers, writing in response to sources (data, images, etc.) in our own disciplines, and sharing ideas about what high school and college students need to learn. In the process of these activities, participants come to better understanding of what good academic writing is and how they can best prepare their students to engage research and writing.

Early-bird fee: $1,350
The early-bird payment deadline is June 1, 2017.

Regular fee (after June 1): $1,500

Early-bird Commuter fee*: $1,050
Regular Commuter fee* (after June 1): $1,200

Registration fees must be paid in full before or at workshop check-in on July 9.

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