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Project Description

Everyone—inside and outside the academic community—has an opinion about grammar. Parents, CEOs, and, of course, teachers worry that students graduate from high school and college without understanding the rules of grammar. But what does it mean to know grammar? If it were simply a matter of learning rules, teachers would not be struggling to correct grammar in paper after paper. In any case, basic grammatical rules don’t stick. This workshop looks at both the philosophical and practical questions surrounding the teaching of grammar, investigates connections between philosophical and pedagogical approaches. What assumptions about writing’s relationship to grammar do we bring to our teaching of both grammar and writing? Using diverse literary texts and our own writing, we will ask what grammar is, what it is for, how it contributes to the making of meaning and to creative expression, and how it can be taught using the fluid models for teaching writing that we value. Participants learn practical approaches to teaching grammar that do not focus on rules so much as incorporate them into students’ intuitions and habits as writers. This workshop is for any teacher who addresses issues of grammar in their classes as well as for teachers of English, composition, and grammar. Previous participation in Writing and Thinking or Writing to Learn is a prerequisite.

Writing and Thinking Workshops
Sunday through Friday, July 9-14

Early-bird fee: $1,350
The early-bird payment deadline is June 1, 2017.

Regular fee (after June 1): $1,500

Early-bird Commuter fee*: $1,050
Regular Commuter fee* (after June 1): $1,200

Registration fees must be paid in full before or at workshop check-in on July 9.

Fees include tuition, materials, a single-occupancy room on the Bard campus, and meals beginning with Sunday dinner and ending with Saturday breakfast.

*Commuter fee includes tuition, materials, and week-day lunches only.

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