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Project Description

[dropcap color="#ffaac30" boxed="no" boxed_radius="8px" class="" id=""]Some distinctive features of our workshops:[/dropcap]
  • Collectively we have three decades of experience. We’ve worked with over 40,000 teachers from hundreds of schools, colleges, and universities across the country and internationally.
  • Our faculty associates—recruited nationally—collaborate to create and teach IWT workshops.
  • College and secondary school faculty work side by side in small group workshops.
  • Participants learn, by doing what their students will do, how the practices can be applied in their classrooms.
  • Every workshop demonstrates how to combine writing, reading, and listening to create effective lesson plans in all academic subjects.
  • Our workshops are intellectually stimulating and feature diverse texts–fiction, poetry, essays, historical documents, and research.
  • We make an ongoing commitment to teaching through writing in on-site workshops at schools and colleges
  • Tuition discounts are available for teams of teachers from the same school attending workshops. Email to inquire.

Annual Bard-Annandale Programming

Learn more here about the 2017 April Conference
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workshops create opportunities for teachers of all subjects to experience learning through writing across all academic fields, benefiting from the supportive dialogue they find with colleagues during the workshops. In writing together, there is a sense of community and cooperative effort that develops among participants even over time and distance. This sense of community sets IWT apart from university writing programs, creative writing workshops, and many professional development programs for secondary teachers.

Receive Academic Credit for Participating

Through the Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) Program at Bard College, workshop participants may earn two graduate credits for a weeklong workshop.The participant must, in addition to completing the workshop, write and submit a detailed report and a lesson plan on using writing in the classroom. Graduate credit is not given for participation in one-day workshops or conferences.

Fees (as of December, 2014): $550 for two graduate credits (weeklong workshop).

For further information, please contact Cecilia Maple in the Bard MAT Program at 845-758-7145, or

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Our Course Catalog

Below is a list of workshops we either currently offer, have offered, and may potentially offer again in the future. Let us know at if you have a specific request for the future.
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