Why IWT Workshops?

“For the kinds of challenges necessary to transform American education, the work force of teachers must do three tough things more or less at once: Change how they view learning itself, develop new habits of mind to go with their new cognitive understanding, and simultaneously develop new habits of work—habits that are collegial and public in nature, not solo and private as has been the custom in teaching.”

—Deborah Meier, founder, Central Park East Schools NY

  • Three decades of experience; working with over 40,000 teachers from hundreds of schools, colleges, and universities across the country and internationally
  • Faculty associates—recruited nationally—collaborate to create and teach IWT workshops
  • College and secondary school faculty work side by side in small group workshops
  • Participants learn, by doing what their students will do, how the practices can be applied in their classrooms
  • Every workshop demonstrates how to combine writing, reading, and listening to create effective lesson plans in all academic subjects
  • Workshops are intellectually stimulating and feature diverse texts–fiction, poetry, essays, historical documents, and research.
  • Ongoing commitment to teaching through writing in on-site workshops at schools and colleges
  • Tuition discounts for teams of teachers from the same school attending workshops