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Over sixty faculty associates in poetry, composition, literature, languages, history, literacy, anthropology, American studies, mathematics, biology, and drama from diverse colleges, universities, and high schools are associated with IWT on an ongoing basis.

Workshops are inspired by the diversity of IWT faculty who themselves develop IWT writing practices, drawing on contemporary theories of knowledge and language to develop the best techniques for teaching writing.

IWT faculty bring incredible depth of experience and expertise to the workshops they teach. Their collaborative efforts developing workshops and designing writing practices defines IWT and sets it apart from other writing programs, creative writing workshops, and professional development programs for secondary and college teachers. Below is a list of our active faculty.

Current Faculty

Photo for Emily Abendroth

Emily Abendroth

Photo for Denis Akhapkin

Denis Akhapkin

Photo for Dorothy Albertini

Dorothy Albertini

Photo for Jaime Alves

Jaime Alves

Photo for Glynis Benbow-Niemier

Glynis Benbow-Niemier

Photo for Jeff Berger-White

Jeff Berger-White

Photo for Ian Bickford

Ian Bickford

Photo for Celia Bland

Celia Bland

Photo for Curt Nehring Bliss

Curt Nehring Bliss

Photo for Julia Bloch

Julia Bloch

Photo for Maureen Burgess

Maureen Burgess

Photo for Rachel Cavell

Rachel Cavell

Photo for Rebecca Chace

Rebecca Chace

Photo for Deirdre d'Albertis

Deirdre d'Albertis

Photo for Alan Devenish

Alan Devenish

Photo for Anna Dolan

Anna Dolan

Photo for Stephanie Dunson

Stephanie Dunson

Photo for Jennifer Eyl

Jennifer Eyl

Photo for Natalia Fedorova

Natalia Fedorova

Photo for Derek Furr

Derek Furr

Photo for Madeleine George

Madeleine George

Photo for Zhenya Glazanova

Zhenya Glazanova

Photo for Darlene Gold

Darlene Gold

Photo for Rebecca Granato

Rebecca Granato

Photo for Alfred E. Guy

Alfred E. Guy

Photo for Nick Hiebert

Nick Hiebert

Photo for Michelle Hoffman

Michelle Hoffman

Photo for Jamie Hutchinson

Jamie Hutchinson

Photo for Ileana Jiménez

Ileana Jiménez

Photo for Erica Kaufman

Erica Kaufman

Photo for Madhu Kaza

Madhu Kaza

Photo for James Keller

James Keller

Photo for Mary Krembs

Mary Krembs

Photo for Abby Laber

Abby Laber

Photo for Mare Leonard

Mare Leonard

Photo for Karen Lepri

Karen Lepri

Photo for Alice Lesnick

Alice Lesnick

Photo for Matt Longabucco

Matt Longabucco

Photo for Sharon Marshall

Sharon Marshall

Photo for Tracy McCabe

Tracy McCabe

Photo for Andrew McCarron

Andrew McCarron

Photo for Kristy McMorris

Kristy McMorris

Photo for Delia Mellis

Delia Mellis

Photo for Carley Moore

Carley Moore

Photo for Michael Murray

Michael Murray

Photo for Irene Papoulis

Irene Papoulis

Photo for Phil Pardi

Phil Pardi

Photo for Cindy Parrish

Cindy Parrish

Photo for Christopher Pérez

Christopher Pérez

Photo for Nancy Kline Piore

Nancy Kline Piore

Photo for Kristin Prevallet

Kristin Prevallet

Photo for Andrea Quaid

Andrea Quaid

Photo for Joan Retallack

Joan Retallack

Photo for Neil Rigler

Neil Rigler

Photo for Eléna Rivera

Eléna Rivera

Photo for Tyler T. Schmidt

Tyler T. Schmidt

Photo for Brian Schwartz

Brian Schwartz

Photo for Patricia Sharpe

Patricia Sharpe

Photo for Gian Starr

Gian Starr

Photo for Holly Swain Ewald

Holly Swain Ewald

Photo for Valeri Thomson

Valeri Thomson

Photo for Valery Timofeev

Valery Timofeev

Photo for Alena Timofeeva

Alena Timofeeva

Photo for Robin Tremblay-McGaw

Robin Tremblay-McGaw

Photo for Teresa Vilardi

Teresa Vilardi

Photo for Nicole B. Wallack

Nicole B. Wallack

Photo for William Webb

William Webb

Photo for Robert D. Whittemore

Robert D. Whittemore